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but good for those in the media that like to have n pell pelt to kick around. >> jon: that is wrap on news watch this week. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. >> gregg: hello, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. new vows on both sides on the benghazi attack. >> gregg: show down at walmart. accusing unions of obstructing their businesses. this is some of the workers at wail mart are threatening a walk out the busiest shopping day of the year. our legal panel weighs in. >> heather: as thousands of
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people still struggling in the aftermath of hurricane sandy we'll separate the truth from the myths about fema's response. >> gregg: to be news alert on the explosive situation playing out in the middle east right now. a fifth straight day of very heavy fighting. israel making new operations to stop a relentless barrage of rockets. israel is fully prepared to, quote, expand its offense. that may mean a ground invasion of the gaza strip. david lee miller is live on the israel-gaza border. has diplomacy made a difference at all? >> we're about a mile from the border. a few moments we saw more rockets fired by militants into israel. as we gazed overhead.
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we saw the iron dome system doing its job. three of those rockets shot down just a few moments ago. in total today, at least 75 rockets were fired into israel. three of them targeting the city of tel aviv all 6 those intercepted. it's worth noting the shrapnel from one intercepted rocks fell to the ground and hit a car. there were no serious injuries. seven israelis were injured and dozens more had to be treated for shock. there was a relentless barrage in southern israel, they were about 15 rocketed attacks in a very short period of time. we talked to the military police spokesman and he believes it's possible that the militants are trying to fire rockets in quick succession to overwhelm the iron dome system.
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what we've seen the most significant rockets that are flying in numbers and five at a time and not at randomly one or two here or there. but five and five again and we have ten rockets fired into the a city. >> reporter: take a look at this. this is actually the warhead from one of the interceptor missiles. this is why when there is shrapnel reason if a rocket is intercepted the consequences can be very serious. it's extremely heavy and these interceptor missiles that cost about $40,000 each are saving countless lives and also a great deal of money. >> gregg: what are you seeing on a possible ground incursion? >> reporter: the troops continued to mass near the border. we've seen a great deal of activity. many of the borders are completely sealed off. as for the israeli defense
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forces they are continuing their air strikes. there have been more than a hundred air strikes in the last 24 hours. they continue to tarring the rocket launching sites, rockets themselves and going after the militants. israel says it was tarring ago mastermind of rocket technology when it targeted the home of a militant. consequences of that according to the palestinians 11 civilians died including five women and four children. very difficult to ascertain precisely what is going down on the ground, but israel continuing to make plans for a possible ground incursion if diplomacy fails and the clock is ticking. >> gregg: david lee miller, thank you. >> heather: meantime, president obama reaffirming his commitment to israel saying that no country would tolerate missiles raining down from outside the borders. he made the comments during a
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news conference. listen. israel has every light to expect that it does not have missiles fired into its territory. if that can be accomplished without a ramping up of military activity in gaza, that is preferable. that is not just preferable for the people of gaza but it's also preferable for israelis because israeli troops are in gaza, they are much more at risk of incurring fatalities or being wounded. we're going to have to see what kind of progress we can make in the next 24-48 hours. >> heather: leaders on both sides of this conflict are taking parts in negotiations in the egyptian capital but so far have failed to come up with any kind of deal to end the violence. >> gregg: israel dealing with violence on another front. it shelled syrian firefighters
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after gunfight go spilled over to into golan highlights. they have fired twice into syria responding what appear to be spray mortar shells exploding in israel territory. >> heather: brand-new testimony from david petraeus. democrats and republicans disagreeing on what i say his statements mean about the white house's handling of the deadly terror attack in libya. doug mckelway has more. it sounds like congressional republicans interpret go the c.i.a. talking points very differently than democrats? >> they sure are. republicans are convinced that somebody in the white house or administration changed the talking points that came out of the c.i.a. and changed them to perhaps hide the fact that the benghazi incident was, indeed, a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11 perpendicular rated by al-qaeda
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when the administration was boasting about al-qaeda's diminished capabilities. >> one of the most unfair attacks have seen in washington in 34 years susan rice was using the unclassified talking points which were provided by the intelligence community. they were a consensus report. >> i don't know what the democrats are trying hide because i don't know what any of them saying, they are saying the intelligence community signed off on talking points. they went to the administration. when they came back, key language was changed. >> reporter: specifically, republicans say we are learning that any reference to al-qaeda's involvement in the attack was omitted and ambassador rice used it on those talk shows five days after the attack. >> heather: the administration could tech any mean the white house the security council or
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other entities, is any one component coming under special scrutiny? >> as of today, mike rogers for the first time fipgering one point of the national security council the deputies' committee of the council. >> it went up to the deputies committee. what i found fascinating, my role here in my mind to say was there intelligence failure and how to prevent it from happening again. >> reporter: republicans are determined that secretary rice testify and they want to hear from petraeus again in open sigs session. >> heather: doug, thanks. >> gregg: scott walker joining 17 other republican governors rejecting a major provision of the healthcare reform law. governors refusing to set up state run online health
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insurance markets for where consumers could purchase insurance but it's going to be up to the federal government to create them. here is governor walker explaining it. >> state run partnership defer to the federal government the state run option is state in name only. we would rather have the federal government as much as it pains us believing in federalism and not incur the potential cost to our taxpayers that would expose us to. >> gregg: watch the full interview, tune into fox news sunday beginning at 6:00 this evening along with louisiana governor bobby jindal. that is sunday tonight 6:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: president obama sounding that lawmakers will reach a deal on the so-called fiscal cliff. expiring tax cuts that go into
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effect at the end of the year unless congress reaches an agreement. here is a report from washington. >> reporter: while touring a monastery, the fiscal cliff was on his mind and he told a buddhist monk that american leaders could use his prayers. >> president later said she going take any good thing he can get and prominent republicans indicates their party knows that concessions must be made to avoid the fiscal cliff. that is a two way street. g.o.p. is on board for new revenue doesn't mean that they on higher taxes over ten years like the president wants. >> if we take the president's deal that he has brought to the table, you know how many days that pays for the federal government? it's eight days, not eight months, eight days. >> house minority leader says she does not expect a deal for
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tax deals for the wealthiest americans but she thinks there is an agreement is on the horizon. >> the elements for an agreement is there. time is of the essence. the quicker we do it the more confidence we instill the better it is for the american people. >> marco rubio said simply the political branch created the fiscal cliff and it's an example of a dysfunctional process. >> heather: thanks peter. >> gregg: federal investigators looking into a collision between two police helicopters in the los angeles area. five officers and one civilian suffered minor injuries in the crash. police believe the collision occurred which when the rotar blades of a landing copter struck those in one taking of a. it knocked the blades off another helicopter. >> tragedy off the coast of
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louisiana, drivers discovering the body, divers, rather, of a worker that went missing after an explosion on an oil platform. a dive team hired by the owners of the platform continue to search today. it is believed that workers sparked the fire while cutting through an oil line. four other men were badly burned and remain in the hospital. >> gregg: extreme weather, stormy weather out rest as folks are trying to clean up from a mudslide. residents of a neighborhood buried by mud earlier this week are on edge now about even more possible rain in the area. maria molina is covering it. >> good to see you. we're talking about more rain out across portions of the west coast. one built of good news we are seeing a bit of shift in the storm track.
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we were seeing it arrive around the san francisco area, now storms are 'taking more of a northerly track and producing heavy rain around seattle and portland. bad news is that we're going to get significant rainfall, as much as 5 inches or more. so flooding is a big concern. we do have a number of flood watches in effect across this region. we're talking about significant snowfall in the higher elevations of the cascades. keep that in mind. issues as we head southward we do have some lingering snow showers in higher elevations and continuing to see them ongoing along with gusty winds but the worst of it over nevada and california, went storm warnings in effect in northern parts of state of washington and cascades over a foot of snow will be possible and mountain passes will be impacted. temperatures on the cool side in the 40s and 50. we are in the 60s across the state of california.
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in portions of the plains we have been enjoying a nice rebound in temperatures. 56 in minneapolis, 62 in kansas city. it's pretty nice day in the northeast, as well. 46 right now in new york city and 56 in cleveland. there was a big talk about a possible nor'easter coming up this week across portions of the northeast. that would have been a big issue but take a look at travel forecast as we head into mid-week, a big travel time of the year, we're expecting nice weather along the eastern half of the country, worldwide sunshine, it looks good as we head through the mid-week. westbound more stormy weather if northern parts of the california and in oregon and washington. >> gregg: in new york for the thanksgiving day parade, looks like a really nice day on thursday.
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thanks very much. >> heather: what is your favorite part of the parade. >> gregg: i like it all. they are so great. different characters. it will be coming down sixth avenue. >> heather: we can go outside and watch it. >> new questions about business of selling marijuana. entrepreneurs are finding not everyone is on board. >> gregg: and christmas in egypt. a christians in egypt have a new leader. we have a video of the elaborate ceremony. >> heather: and weeks after super storm sandy how is lower manhattan recovering from the devastation. anna is there and has the answer for us. >> reporter: the cleanup continues, many businesses and residential towers are using generators for power and pumps to get the water out. some have not reopened yet. we will hear from a business owner and community leader after
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>> heather: welcome back. time for a check of the headlines, hundreds of jewish one shippers gathered at wailing wall today. they held a mass prayer in the country's south which has borne the brunt of rocket attacks in
4:20 pm
the gaza strip. ten thousand protestors are protesting austerity measures including plans to nationalize the health service. new pope of egypt's catholic church was enthroned today. the ceremony lasted nearly four hours. >> gregg: in washington state and colorado, it is now legal to use small amounts of marijuana not just for medical reasons. we're talking about recreational use and in fact businesses can sell it. one of the driving forces behind the election day measure that allows it was to create a new avenue for business. creating those kind of businesses may sound easy and fun than it really is. brenda buttner is the anchor of "bulls and bears" -- good to see you.
4:21 pm
the problem would it seem to me is lenders. >> that is one of the biggest problems. it's legal in two states. it's illegal in 48 states and it's illegal nationally under federal law. under the bank's secrecy -- banks have to report any secret activity. so you could get shut down so why would a bank wanted to deal with you anyway. it's hard to get any kind of credit. there is no way they are going risk their reputation and pay civil and criminal penalties if they lend to these businesses. if you can't get money, how do you do it? >> gregg: i think they are waiting for doj to either seek a federal could court injunction or dea. i have a sense you are not going to get either one from holder and they are expecting a statement as to what they are going to do here. >> here is the issue largely by
4:22 pm
economics. we've got states and local governments that are cash strapped. they have deficits. they can't print money. in colorado alone this measure is expected bring in $60 million in tax revenues. that is revenues alone. need this. so putting a sales tax some of this may be more popular. >> gregg: medical marijuana is already, $1.7 billion business a year. so you are talking about added jobs. jobs creation and interesting products. here are some of the marijuana related products that are already on the market. cookies and brownies and cupcakes and peanut butter. pumpkin pie high tea? apples, granola bars. butter and olive oil -- i mean,
4:23 pm
there could be an endless list. >> there could be unexpected to do a study how it feed into the food industry. they may be benefiting from this in some way. >> gregg: one company related to medical marijuana started out with just a couple of employees. already they are up to 40 employees. they are a public company. they have $100 million market cap. >> is that called a dixie elixirs and edibles. they are exception to the rule. a lot of these companies because they can't get credit have to be a cash business only. we're talking about medical marijuana which is legal in many states. that is problem. you can't have credit and buy your supplies. they have to get over this hurdle. >> gregg: could be a big business. >> you know twinkies maybe if they had come to colorado.
4:24 pm
[ laughter ] i think they could have done better if they went to colorado or washington. >> gregg: you can catch brenda every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. >> week after sandy roared on shore, parts of new york city are still recovering. anna is live in lower manhattan with what is happening now. >> many of residential towers and business towers still have no power, no water, no heat. we're in a historical area. this is south port sea area. many were built in the 1700s and 1800s now all you here is generators. you see crews pumping water out some of the businesses. those that were able to reopen is significantly less sales.
4:25 pm
we spoke to the owner of one bike rental shop. he went from hundred rentals a day to just five. >> we wish to stay so we don't know yet. our business is based on tourism. it doesn't make sense to hang around for a year making very little. >> reporter: according to a brokerage, quarter of lower manhattan office space was out you of business because of the storm. 35% of businesses do have business interruption insurance but of those that have it they are having a hard time assessing it. in community ease resilience has been tested before. >> after 9/11 we faced a 16 acre hole in the heart of our neighborhood and we did rebuild. we have been down this road before. it will take a long time. it will be very challenging but
4:26 pm
we will rebuild our neighborhood. >> reporter: some of these residential businesses and towers they don't even have reopen days. as for the residents that live here many landlords are letting them break their leases or offering them rebates that is on a case by case basis. >> heather: we're going to talk about the job that fema is doing handling the cleanup effort. thank you very much. >> gregg: as violence escalates in the middle east there is renewed hope that a deal could be in the works. we'll have the latest on reported negotiations. >> heather: president obama kicking off a three country tour of asia. what his goal is how he plans to make history coming up. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade.
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>> gregg: it is bottom of the hour, time for top of the news. head of the senate intelligence committee saying today congress will investigate the administration's response to the benghazi terror attacks. critics have questioned the information given to the public. >> heather: new details in a tragic train crash that killed four u.s. veterans. investigators say that warning bells and lights were going off when their parade float crossed on to tracks. >> gregg: update on the oil platform explosion. four men real estate in any way the hospital and rig owner vows to search for another man still missing. >> heather: president obama in thailand today on the second leg of his asian tour weighing on the escalating violence in the middle east telling reporters that israel has right to defend itself. he urged the jewish state without ramping up military activity in gaza. egyptian officials say a senior
4:32 pm
israeli official has arrived for talks on a cease-fire. chuck nash is a fox military analyst to provide a little more insight for us. thank you for joining us. these talks are underway right now. egypt is leading was the toy try to reach a cease-fire. how realistic do you think that is? >> i think it may achieve some results. bottom line some folks that the morsi government being a muslim brotherhood background and main member put hamas up to this. i really don't think so because i think the egyptians sent representatives over to the gaza strip to talk to hamas. folks over there, what are you out of your mind? if they think they can provoke a war with israel and that the neighbors are going to join in, that is simply isn't going to happen.
4:33 pm
it may have happened ten years ago, but right now, if you look what is going on in syria, they are tied up. there are riots and big problems in jordan. egypt has a brand-new government. the egyptians the last thing they are going to do is going war over hamas with the israelis. hamas has to get back in the box. the question is have they so provoked the israelis that the israelis after standing up their reserves can they stop at this point or are they over the tipping point. they are going to go in and clean out that rat's nest wuansd for all. >> heather: that is what i was going to ask you. prime minister netanyahu the israeli military is going to expand the operation or prepared to. >> i do. i think they are fully prepared
4:34 pm
at this point having had rockets come in, every year, every week something is happening. the threat is there. the threat is increasing because they are getting weapons and assistance from iran. iran recently went on record as saying they would support them now with more weapons. that is situation that is not going to get better militarily anytime soon. >> heather: way tonight that you can more about the iran connection with hamas. you said that you don't think that egypt and muslim brotherhood was involved in this, but you think that iran is? >> i definitely think iran is. i definitely think that iran is. they are trying to do everything they can. in the navy we talked about fifth law, if the sheet on, it isn't on me. when is the last time we have heard about iranian nuclear
4:35 pm
program as major news item. it's disappeared. we had super storm sandy and now everybody is focused back on the middle east part and southwest asian problem with iran is on the back-burner. >> heather: as we wrap up, what do you think we'll see happening next in the region? >> it all depends how far the israelis have been pushed. here is why i say that. after the first gulf war the israeli intelligence did an assessment of the neighbors. the neighbors saw the israelis not reacting to the iraqi scuds that were fired into israel that is a sign of weakness even though the united states pleaded with israel don't react to this because it will destroy the coalition. the makes instead of seeing that
4:36 pm
as strength and look to a greater purpose saw it as weakness. therefore if the israelis don't react to this clear provocation, it's going to fit that pattern again. they desperately don't want that to happen because weakness just brings on more trouble. >> heather: thank you so much. we appreciate you joining us as always. >> gregg: a strike by some walmart workers may be in the works and it could come on the busiest shopping day of the year. the real tail giant is fighting back against unions. our panel weighs in. >> heather: plus, you want to visit mars soon? wait until you hear what the mars rover has uncovered. ♪ ♪
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>>. >> heather: welcome back a new discovery raising future hopes of living on mars. finding radiation levels are similar to levels to astronauts in orbit. they are encouraged that explorers one day may be safely set foot on mars. they plan to collected data and determine how much radiation a person could withstand during a trip to the red planet. >> gregg: walmart is taking direct aim at unions. retail giant is accusing some labor unions of ramping up recent walkouts and strikes by some walmart workers. some of those employees have been rallying for months complaining about unfair working conditions and plan to walk off the job on black friday which is the busiest shopping day of the year. this is pretty small percentage of them.
4:42 pm
now, walmart is taking legal action to stop that. joey jackson, and david schwartz. joey, a couple of fundamentals. first of all the largest retailer in the world. here in the u.s. it has no union workers. that ajers some of the unions who have organized some of these protests. look, they have a first amendment right to protest but you have to do it within the law. you can't interfere or disrupt business? >> that is absolutely right. they are unions and serve a very important business. there are rulings in the law. you have something called the national labor relations acted and you have a board and you have rules seeshd o associated with that. it's unfair when you pick at it infinitum. there has to be represental petition. if you want to do it if it's
4:43 pm
longer than 30 days allow your members to voted whether they would like to be unionized or not. >> gregg: the law says you have 30 days. here is the letter to the unions over the past year the uscw has orchestrated pickets, mass demonstrations and flash mobs and other activities inside and outside facilities. >> gregg: if that is true. they are violating lawsuit. >> i don't accept that for being true for a second. let them prove it is the ufcw. >> for the unfair labor practices. they have every right to picket.
4:44 pm
>> gregg: walmart, part of the people who have been engaging in this activity is walmart, true? >> i have no idea. >> gregg: let me represent to you that they are the ones? >> okay. >> gregg: in fact we checked and with the labor department they have issued a filing saying they are affiliated with the ufcw? >> when you make a salary below the poverty rate, you are making $20,000 a year and they have destroyed neighborhoods, destroyed our communities, people have every right to protest against that. >> gregg: the average wage is between $10-11 for walmart employees. that is the industry standard? >> yes, it is. more importantly, you have 1.4 million people that work for walmart. that is significant about that is this. they're turnover right. their average, 37% turnover
4:45 pm
right versus 44% turnover rate. if they are so horrible why do people continue to work for them. >> they are horrible and every job that walmart creates three jobs are lost. >> how do you know that? >> and providing low cost goods harmful to the community? >> it's harmful to society. low cost goods comes from the backs of workers from overseas and china and other places where they produce very dangerous goods as a matter of fact. they bring them back into the united states. this is dangerous thing. >> gregg: you represent groups who are opposed to walmart and you proudly represent those groups. >> i want them to know that. and 40% of the stores close down as a result of walmart. >> i wanted to talk to one second about the law. that is what we're here about.
4:46 pm
reality is this, everybody has to follow what the rules are. if the rules suggest and otherwise tell you, if you are an employer you can't discriminate against union activity and if you are union member if you want people to be part of union you allow them to vote i think that is what the union in this instance should do. an injunction should go on. >> gregg: they consistently turn down unionizing. >> they have been brainwashed. the thing about the union, ufcw has terrific history of protecting workers and obeying the laws and also getting them health care that they could live with. >> they should have a history in following lawsuit. that following lawsuit they allow voters to make that choice. >> if these workers don't want salary above the poverty level. they don't want the things they
4:47 pm
should be getting that is beyond belief. >> gregg: a lot of passion in the legal panel. we'll see what happens. good luck with this complaint. gentlemen, thanks very much. >> heather: i heard the passion. they did shake hands. since super storm sandy hit, weeks later some storm victims are frustrated with the pace of release efforts. how has fema performed during this emergency. a fair and balanced debate on that straight ahead. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator
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>> heather: after super storm sandy hammer the northeast, fema assisted those in need. three weeks later. some storm victims they still haven't received the help that was required. frustration is rising and rumors they are looking to squash. >> the sooner we put them rumors to bed the better it will be. >> heather: so is fema doing everything it can do to help those affected by the storm. joining us for fair and balanced
4:52 pm
discussion, kenny bruce and ellen ratner. thanks for joining us. nice to have you on the set with us. one of those rumors $300 supposed to be offered for spoiled food because people went without power for so long. that is one rumors they are clarifying. do you think fema has done a better response with this disaster as it did to katrina, tammy i'll start with you? >> i think years have gone by unlike l.a. earthquakes and there is no warning i think what it shows that a bureaucracy is not going to perform well. we knew this was coming. we knew the first weekend they ran out of the water and unprepared. the people of staten island are still living in a disaster area. they pointed to all the money
4:53 pm
they spent that is accomplishment. they aren't looking at results. so i don't think this is -- there has been a lot of activity but is the activity actually contributing to making people's lives better wioflt say that the people who are living on staten island and people still without power would not think they are in the best and greatest city of the world and paying the highest taxes in the country. >> given what we have seen in mississippi, i was down there right afterwards, it's a lot better than it was then. i think they actually did do a pretty reasonable job but the issue is what is going to happen in the recovery phase. are they going to help renters as much as they have helped in the past, people who own their own homes. new york city has a lot of low income areas and lots of renters were hit. i think the jury is very much divided. >> so far they have set out 60 disaster recovery centers that were affected.
4:54 pm
they sent more than 7,000 people out on the ground to assist and go door to door and help out, as well. you make a good point tammy about the money. especially when the money is not making it to the people. >> they have said they have spent $450 million. this is new york city. the first city that was established for this th union. jury is still out about renters and homeowners. why is that? super storms are not a new concept. why are these problems still existing? why was there no water because there is -- work on the ground. >> water aarrived a lot faster than mississippi. >> you have in many states was much wider area than that katrina. it hit a lot more people in terms 6 just the geographic area
4:55 pm
and not the katrina was small. it was 90 miles. >> there was a week warning to this. i understand -- we would love to have 7 days warning for an earthquake. they knew what strength it was going to be. the fact that the people on staten island are still waiting for generators. it's as though this was surprise but this is federal government at every single level when it's bloated and disconnected. people are told that they are going saved and then they are abandoned. staten island, pe packed up and left. >> heather: i have a different view and i know that fema is all over staten island. sometimes when people don't have anything. and you have insurance companies that aren't moving ahead as quickly as they should. fema's hands are tied. i'm not saying they are perfect but they have done i think a pretty good job. i'm glad government is there.
4:56 pm
>> heather: what can they do better next time? >> i think everyone would agree when a hurricane is going hit a certain particular coastal areas get the generators and get things prepared a week ahead of time. have your shelters and schools. >> heather: thank you for joining us. we hope that all those people out there in saten island get the help they need. >> gregg: you are not going to believe this, family christmas card getting a provocative makeover. what is behind the latest trend. you can catch brenda buttner she will be coming up with more business information coming up in just a moment. why let constipation slow you down?
4:57 pm
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,. >> hello, i'm heather. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> and i'm greg. topping the news, the health tips you may need to know as the new report is out showing that cases of life-threatening disease are going through the roof and millions of americans may not even know they are at risk. >> plus, using technology to cure the hidden wounds of war. a live report on a new smartphone app that helps veterans recover from posttraumatic stress disorder. >> and in about 30 minutes an american astronaut will begin her journey home after months on
5:01 pm
the international space station. when her capsule undocks, we will bring it to you live. >> we begin with escalating violence between israel and hamas, both sides trading fire today. the deadliest day since the conflict began today, fueling international concerns that israel may feel forced to send ground troops into the gaza strip. we are live on the israel-gaza border. david, what do we know about the militants' arsenal? >> well, it is extremely lethal but it is incredible that so far even though there's been about 700 rocket attacks fired by the militants into israel, only three israelis have died and seven injured. in great measure because of the iron dome system, missile interception system has been successful. they have been successful 85% of the time. today we actually saw the
5:02 pm
firepower that these rockets are capable of. we were in an isreali town not far from the gaza border. we saw an apartment house that had been hit by a rocket. the rocket hit the roof of the apartment house. but the force of the explosive, heather, was so great that it traveled all the way down the elevator shaft and blew out the doors of the elevator on the very first door. that said, some israeli officials are now claiming that the rockets that are targeting tel aviv, they say, are sacrificing some firepower in order to go a greater distance. palestinian militants say that's not true, that's anition railly claim to reassure the public. it is hard to tell what kind of firepower may have been in those weapons because they were intercepted and the debris might be difficult to analyze. heather. so, david lee, what are the israelis still targeting? >> they have had about 1100 air
5:03 pm
strikes since this conflict began in gaza. the israelis at the very beginning were going after the rockets and the rocket launchers and they continue to do so. there are an estimated 10,000 rockets still in gaza. that said, the israelis are now targeting, they say, the homes of the militants, where the militants live. they have also gone after communications facilities. today a media center was struck. this is a media center that is used by journal efforts from around the world, including a fox newsproducer, and there are notes on the ground half a dozen journalists were injured. there's also a report that the israelis, who say they were targeting a mastermind of rocket technology at his home, hit that building where they believed he lived and as a consequence the palestinians are now claiming 11 civilians died, including five women and four children.
5:04 pm
so there's still a number of targets, a great number of forth the israelis are going after, despite the fact they have been launches these air strikes now for five straight daze. again, they are still going after the militants, still targeted assassinations taking place on the ground. heather. >> thank you so much. david lee miller reporting live for us. thank you. >> president obama weighing in on the situation in the middle east while on a tour of east asian nations. the president insisting the first step toward lasting peace must be made by hamas. take a listen. >> we are serious about wanting to resolve this situation and create a genuine peace process, it starts with no more missiles being fired into israel's territory, and that then gives us the space to try to deal with these long-standing conflicts that exist. there are no short cuts to the hard work of trying to bring
5:05 pm
about what i think is the best option, two states living side by side in peace and security. >> the u.s. has called on leaders from egypt and turkey in hopes of convincing hamas to stop firing any more rockets into israel. so far no deal has been reached. turning to the ongoing bloody conflict in sierra on israel's northern border, syrian are rebels are claiming they captured a key military base near the border with turkey. rebels are planning to cripple the border crossing with turkey and iraq to cut off supplies to the assad regime. the nearly two year conflict has killed more than 40,000 people. new reaction to the testimony of general david petraeus, the former cia director telling members of congress what he knew about the response to the benghazi terror attack. but democrats and republicans walking away with, well, different impressions of what he had to say. doug has the details from
5:06 pm
washington. doug, talk to us about these different impressions. they appear to be deeply divided. >> sure, greg. republicans are maintaining that keywording that pointed to al-qaeda's involvement in the attack was taken out of the talking points that were produced by the cia. republicans want to know what took them out. democrats are in a protective mode defending u.n. ambassador rice and the president. >> the issue is whether or not susan rice should be pilleried for using an intelligence report which david petraeus signed off on. which the dni, the director of national intelligence, mr. clapper, signed off on. were they part of a coverup? did they do something wrong? and them. >> the fact is when general clapper and general petraeus signed off, they had different information in them.
5:07 pm
that language was changed. >> well, for the first time now mike rogers, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, is fingering a component of the national security council for the omission, for the deletion. he said the deputy's committee of the nfc which is populated by obama administration appoint tees, is where the narrative apparently changed. greg. >> the white house came out yesterday and said, you know what, we didn't make any critical changes. we made one minor little change about the word "facility" but everything else we didn't touch. what did that? >> that's right. that word came from deputy national security advisor ben rhodes who was talk being aboard air force one. today a senator of georgia speaking on fox news sunday suggested that every intelligence community leader who has testified thus far has suggested that other changes were made. >> the hearing we had on thursday and friday, we had every leader of the intelligence community there, including folks
5:08 pm
from the state department, the fbi. everybody there was asked do you know who made these changes? and nobody knew. the only entity that reviewed the talking points that was not there was the white house. >> independent senator joe leiberman said today a watergate style committee is not needed to figure out answers to the benghazi attacks. >> the senator went on to sort of suggest in very light handed way that he's not quite sure that the white house is telling the truth on this whole thing. all right. doug in washington. thanks. >> well, weeks since super storm sandy slammed on shore and parts of new york city are still struggling to recover. we are live in lower manhattan with the latest on recovery efforts. anna. >> good evening, heather. residents, we just had one come up to us and say she's not going to have power for some eight months. but many of these businesses and
5:09 pm
residential towers still don't have power or water or heat and don't have reopen dates yet. we are in the south street seaport area, a very historical area, buildings built in the 17 runs and 1800s and normally bustling with tour efforts but now all you hear is crews pumping out water and the sound of generators. some say their landlords will let them either break their leases or give them rebates but that's a case by case situation. some of the businesses that have been able to reopen are reporting far less foot traffic and also sales, and in fact one bike rental shop owner we spoke with said he normally has 100 rentals a day and he's gone down to just five. >> the main focus has been in more, you know, obviously more disastrous areas. this still is one of them. not as bad, but it still hurts us. a majority of the placings still don't have electricity here,
5:10 pm
such as ourselves. it definitely hurts. >> and many new york businesses are organizing volunteer groups to try to get the city back on solid ground. >> one of our volunteers came from as far as north carolina to help out today. so it's bond if i recall to see. i think again it just confirms and validates that we are one big city and we are all in this together. >> community leaders say that downtown businesses, about 35% of them, have business interruption insurance but of those that do have that insurance are having a hard time accessing it. the resilience of the downtown community, of course, has been tested before. never been evacuated on 9/11 and also hurricane irene and now super storm sandy and they say they will come back stronger than ever. >> an ma is live in lower manhattan. thank you. >> across the hudson river vice president joe biden surveying the damage that new jersey
5:11 pm
suffered during sandy. vice president taking a helicopter tour of the state's ravaged coastline, meeting with victims and first responders. he also visited new jersey to meet with officials. superstorm sandy killing more than 100 people in ten states but new york and new jersey hit the hardest. >> now for some fox extreme weather. how about a side of skiing with your thanksgiving turkey? skiers and snowboarders in california hitting the slopes for the first time as the holiday approaches. that looks pretty. but is more snow on the way? meteorologist is in the fox weather center with a answer to that. hi, maria. >> hi, everyone. yes, we are talking about more snow now, in addition to the snow we already received across parts of california, oregon and even the state of washington. some of the higher elevation necessary the mountain ranks and the cascades and the sierras are expecting more snow.
5:12 pm
that's good for those who like to do skiing, especially with the holiday weekend coming up, but bad news with anyone trying to travel across the mountain passes. it will be dangerous not just today but the next several days. not just the higher elevations but significant rainfall. we have one storm moving into portions of seattle, down into portland. we are talking about significant rainfall communications, as much as five inches or even locally greater amounts of rainfall. flood ago concern in lower elevations. and another foot of snow is possible across portions of the cascades and the sierra. the worst over. we are seeing the snow winding down as well as the rainfall but you have lingering showers out here. an additional two to five inches will be possible in spots across this mountain range as we wound down tonight. we are expecting dangerous driving conditions and the wind that could gust in excess of 30 to 40 miles an hour at times. you could get stronger gusts
5:13 pm
than that so please be safe with any traveling do you have. temperatures on the cool side, 49 in seattle, 49 in missoula. across california not bad, 61 in san francisco and a cool 67 in los angeles. across the plains though we've been enjoying pretty mild temperatures. temperatures have been more than ten degrees above average for some of you, especially across places in the dakotas. 56 in rapid city, 54 in minneapolis and 62 in kansas city. the east very quiet. a lot of sunshine the last couple of days for most areas. and temperatures right where they should be at for the month of november. 46 in new york city and 48 degrees in cleve and. a big concern coming up next week. it's one of the busiest travel weeks of the year with thanksgiving coming am. but i have good news for eastern half of the country, nice weather overall. temperatures in the 70s across portions of the plains. issues will still be out west in the states of washington, oregon and northern parts of california. heather. >> sounds good. everybody can be here and be with their families safely. thank you.
5:14 pm
>> astronauts from the international space station. we have a live look here. now making their way back to earth after spending more than four months in space. here we see one of the astronauts moving from the space station to the capsule that will bring them back to earth. we will have more onst incredible journey coming up. >> amazing. plus some of the biggest computer giants in the country reporting less than expected earnings. but is this really the beginning of the end for the desktop as we know it? >> no, this is not really a holdup. it's the latest craze to hit the holiday christmas card. that's right. sporting a machine gun. >> there are definitely a select few that will get this picture. >> how do you think they will react to it? >> they will love it. ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪
5:15 pm
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5:18 pm
>>? growing concern now over the future of the personal computer. some computer giants, includingdel and hewlett packer, they report less than expected earnings, but is this really the end of the desktop as we know it? brenda is a senior business correspondent and anchors of bulls and bears and she joins us more with more insight. thank you for coming back. >> happy to be here. >> so the end of the pc as we
5:19 pm
know it? >> i think rumors of its death are greatly exaggerate so long as there are people like me who cannot turn on the tv without my teenagers and they finally convinced no get rid of the rotary phone. and yes dell had horrible earnings. four straight quarters. and they are the pc giant. you look at shipments last year of smartphones, they outbased pc sales. definitely smartphones, tablets. they are cheaper, they have got internet capability, they are smaller. there's a lot to sell them but there are a lot of people that still require the pc. >> the thing is, even as you were just saying that, it's flashbacks to the way the personal computer began. because they replaced the larger, the larger computers and. >> the main frames and all that. >> they are experiencing the same thing. >> they are.
5:20 pm
businesses are growing and technology by its very basins has to keep improving. that is basically what we are seeing. companies have to adapt to that. that's why we are seeing dell and hp have not necessarily done so much. although they are looking more to get into data storage and servers and it and all of that. but still when you talk about smartphones and tablets, apple, samsung, they own that market. it's very hard to get into it. >> perhaps not the end of the pc as we know it, but they will kind of more of into a different -- >> it's definitely declining. that's definitely happening. and people will expect it to continue declining. and perhaps by 2020 we will seed end of the pc. it's hard to know at this point. when you have your smartphone and tablet. >> by the way, when did you get rid of your rotary phone? >> that was last week. >> no way! [laughter] >> you know what i think still has one, greg jarret.
5:21 pm
oh, there he is. >> you can't beat a good rotary phone. >> see, a man of my heart. there we go. >> you can catch brenda on golden bears every saturday morning right here on the fox news channel. >> well for thousands of brave soldiers. >> greg, speaking of technology, they are working on greg's mic so i will tell you what is coming up. for thousands of brave soldiers coming home from war, technology is their lifeline to therapy and rehabilitation. a new smartphone app developed by the department of defense is helping soldiers recover from posttraumatic stress disorder. elizabeth is live in our atlanta bureau with more on this story. hi, elizabeth. sounds great. >> it is fabulous. prolonged exposure is a type of therapy that's been used for servicemen and women really for decades. so suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. this is the first time we've seen it being used in a mobile
5:22 pm
application with this type of therapy. application is called pe coach. pe standing for prolonged exposure. it can be down loaded on any smartphone. it allows soldiers to listen to recordings of their own therapy sessionings. it helps them to relive and overcome their fierce. therapists use the same program assigning weekly homework assignments and evaluations to keep soldiers on track by monitoring their progress. >> not only are you recording the session, and listening to it again, you are getting to understand what went wrong and you don't have anything wrong. it's just you are not the average person, you are a soldier. you are put out on the front lines, and you just came across very stressful events that happened to affect your life and some events were more stressful than others. >> veterans affairs says more than half of new veterans are seeking treatment for
5:23 pm
war-related mental disorders. we all know that ptsd can be crippling. it can lead to anxiety, depression and suicide. it is an example of the emerging trend where technology is helping to reduce post combat stress. we spoke with dr. reger of the defense department about why they went to smartphones. listen. >> for service members and veterans coming back, they are already carrying these devices around in their pockets. they use them for all kinds of things throughout every day. it just makes sense to leverage the capabilities of these device'support their healthcare needs, in this case ptsd treatment and doing so we will will i prove the treatment for both the patient and the provider. >> now, it's important to note that this particular program works in conjunction with not only the serviceman but also the therapist. it doesn't replace
5:24 pm
human-to-human interactions but it's a great tool for the veterans. >> thank you, elizabeth. >> thank you. >> families always try to capture the one holiday picture that will stand out from the west. take a look at this. one arizona gun club is allowing them to do precisely that. offering families a chance to pose with santa, along with their favorite automatic weapon. >> why not? i mean, it's americana. everybody wants a red rider bb gun for christmas so why not get a real gun when you are an adult. >> i think everyone should have a gun for protection and it's our right to be able to have them, so why not? >> the gun club admits to receiving some criticism but insists the pictures are all in good fun. heather. >> well, serious new concerns about vote counting in one state. republican congressman allen west mounting a challenge, but is this election now a done deal? >> and three astronauts saying
5:25 pm
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[ male announcer ] get adt installed for just $99, and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. >> welcome back. relation the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. president obama on a three day tour of southeast asia. in thailand he's reinforcing our commitment to the asian region and our allies there. and in florida they are missing a deadline to report the results of a recount. the challenge mounted by up can congressman allen west. under florida law his democratic challenger will be certified as the winner unless an emergency exemption is granted by the state. and california's supreme court refusing to hear nicollet sheridan's claim.
5:30 pm
she said she was fired after she accused the show's creator of hitting on her. the show's attorney said her contract simply was not renewed. right now we are going to take you to some live amazing pictures. live pictures as three astronauts head home. their capsule is undock from the international space station and soon they will be landing back on earth. there they are right there. yes, dominique has details from los angeles for us. this is actually taped footage. so dominique, give us the details of what is going on and when they are going to arrive home. >> the 33rd expedition of the international space station is over. the commander and her russian and japanese colleagues you saw in the video are moments away from landing. we are wait to go hear from nato as the pod breaks away and makes its way back. for the commander it's been a deeply fulfilling and emotional
5:31 pm
mission, this one. she's only the second woman to command the lab. the female has completed the most spacewalks. she became overwhelmed when recounting her experience in space. >> we are honored to be fulfilling that dream and living that dream right now. so i just wonder what is going to happen or what our future lies in store for us 10 years, 25 years, 50 years and 100 years from now. >> some of them were pretty dramatic events. it looks like the crew might be happy to get home, dominique. >> i think they probably are. before they hand over control to another n.a.s.a. commander. and they really had their hands full conducting a space work to fix a complex radioate tore leak and they had the first cargo craft to visit the spacious station. that was the u.s. dragon and
5:32 pm
that was quite the mission as well. they have been part of human scientific tests they have had to go through. also they had a close one with a hunk ever space debris. they were within two miles of them. and considering the vastness of space that's correct is pretty close up there. >> you have to watch out for that space junk. thank you so much. we appreciate it. thank you. greg. >> well, you knew them as the campaign insiders, but look at this new graphic. that's right. there's a political insiders now with a brand new focus discussing how the ongoing effort on capitol hill to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff might come out and how president obama will deal with the unraveling situation in the middle east between israel and hamas. let's talk about the cliff first and bring in our political insiders. the names have changed but the people are the same. a former congressman doug shown and a pollster for bill clinton
5:33 pm
and joining us live remote from beautiful west palm beach florida, packdel. and a former pollster for president jimmy carter who is hanging out with the rich and beautiful people. so i'm going to go last, pat, just because of that. >> okay. >> doug, look. there's a lame duck session before the fiscal cliff hits. it's really brief. there's a bunch of holidays. can a grand bargain really be hammered out? >> i hope so. bottom line, we need one. the decline in the stock market last week said that the markets and the financial communities are not going to be tolerant if we don't get a grand market. bottom line, i think the republicans have to cave in on of and be willing to increase revenue, even increase rates, pivot the conversation to entitlement reform and spending cuts, but bottom line the president has them over a barrel. >> john, i think they will kick it down the road. an interim deal that simply post bones all of the elements of the fiscal cliff for three months.
5:34 pm
and gym baker of two admissions pointed that out. >> that's possible. that's the habit in washington is never to take a problem on. however, after an election like this one, the republicans are really in trouble. they know it. they are reeling with the results. the mitt telephone telephone calls to the donors, all this stuff that's going on, has them back on their heels. and i have a feeling they would like to make a deal with the fear that if there is no deal, the media and obama have the upper hand and are going to put all the blame on the republicans like they did in '94 with the government shut down that cost us a lot. and the public wants a deal. they ought to make a deal. the public supports raising tax rates on the rich. get it done and let's move on. >> pat, what about a compromise that looks like this. we around going to raise the marginal raise on high income earners, but we will make them pay more by closing loopholes
5:35 pm
and putting a cap on deductions. >> i think we are seeing numbers that say that would raise a lot of money, depending on how you do t but i think the president is just absolutely adamant he wants to raise the rate on the wealthy. that's what he campaigned on. i think the real question here is whether the republicans in the house can get their act together enough to set forth and say we will give you revenue increases, we will ivan give when you you want, but we want to see real spending cuts. not the kinds in the past where nothing ever came by. where the ratio is two or three to one or whatever. demanding that the president take the lead. but if the republican are smart, what they are going to say is you won the election, mr. president, we don't agree with it, we will raise revenue but only if there are real cuts, only if we take on the programs that are hemorrhaging. but i do think you are right. we will get a short term deal and then, by the way, we will have another debt ceiling fight. this is not over by a long shot. >> the simpson-bowles said three
5:36 pm
to one spending cuts to retch new increases so that could be reasonable and do-able. but look, grover norquist, the anti-tax crusader, made -- didn't make them, but 258 republicans signed a no tax hike pledge that includes you can't do the loophole thing, you can't raise marginal rates. he's a powerful guy. >> he is. >> but given the election is he dead in the water now? >> i wouldn't say he's dead in the water but if the republican party goes to him, they are resigned to permanently lose elections. bottom line the norquist pledge is not relevant given the debt and deficit that we have, the need to raise rates potentially as well as cutting loopholes and balancing the budget. >> greg, can i say one thing about norquist? >> sure. i think it's dying, the pledge. i think more members don't want to honor it. but while it still exists, it can help the gop in negotiating
5:37 pm
with obama. they can say to them, listen, for me to break this pledge is going to be really rough for me. i might do it but i've got to get what pat and doug said, three dollars of spending cuts for a dollar of new. >> let me back up what john said and what doug particularly said. robert norquist is an -- worst than annal we toss. he's a beth sentence. he is killing them and it hurt them in this election and will hurt them in the future. >> we have to switch fast to benghazi, general david petraeus, he secretly testified behind closed doors on friday saying i knew from the very beginning this was a terrorist attack in benghazi that killed four americans, and i told everybody that. but, you know, the talking points were changed by somebody, and i don't know who. here is senator today on fox
5:38 pm
news sunday. >> you don't have that? sorry. we are going to try to hit that in the next block. let's put up one more thing on the taxes. sorry about that. my bad. the rasmussen poll, 57% agree to raising taxes. 35% disagree. >> this is pat's point. bottom line, the majority of the american people support it now. people believe that the best way to raise revenue, not surprisingly, is on somebody other than themselves. and if the republicans are going to get the narrative right, they have to -- what the president campaigned on. it's as simple as that. >> the term "conservative" has changed. it's become orthodoxy that you can never vote to any tax increase no matter what. goes back to no new tacks, and 1992. you can't find a republican
5:39 pm
anywhere. but the real hero of the republican party, the modern republican party, ronald reagan, as governor raised taxes and as president he raised them because he knew 23 you are running the country it's irresponsible to run you have deficits. so you either cut spending, raise taxes or do both and republicans need to grow up. >> we will talk about benghazi in a moment with our political insiders coming up. so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, ham wednesday ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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5:43 pm
>> time for a quick check of the headlines. new concerns over negotiations to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. new signs that democrats plan to dig in against spending cuts for medicare and social security programs. and new attacks in israel and gaza. israel said it's prepared to expand the attacks if it continues to come under fire.
5:44 pm
and six injured when police choppers crash at a helipad in los angeles. rotary blades from each helicopter clipped as one was taking off and the other was landing. >> on the hearing we had thursday and friday, we had every leader of the intelligence community there, including folks from the state department, the fbi, everybody there was asked do you know who made these changes? and nobody knew. the only entity that reviewed the talking points that was not there was the white house. >> and yet the house intel chairman, mike rogers, said today, he said he thinks it was the national security council's deputy committee that made the change. let's bring back our political insiders. so pat, let he start with you. the white house said yesterday
5:45 pm
we didn't make the change. mike rogers says, whoa, the national security council did and they work for the president. so what do you think? >> well, somebody did it. and something happened because, look, we aren't to the bottom of this at all yet. it doesn't need to be partisan. but susan rice went out and said things that were untrue. the president, i i believe, dug a hole in the press conference when he said susan rice had nothing to do with benghazi. which raises the question what was she out there in the first place going on five shows and who gave her the talking points? now we have conflicting stories. the notion we can hide the football i think is hard. remember we are talking about four dead americans, including an american ambassador. this is not a minor matter. >> well, the president famously said during the second debate, i called it a terrorist attack the day after the attack happened. then why did, on september 16th, four days after that, the president send
5:46 pm
out susan rice? you have been on these sunday talk shows. >> i have been on the sunday talk shows at the be heft of the white house when i worked for bill clinton. and let's say you get talking points, you get instructions, and the clear message is deliver the message as we tell you to because you are working for us. >> do you think she got revise the talking points for that sunday appearance on five talk shows from the white house, edited by the national security council? >> i am certain she was told by the white house what to say and how to say it. i'm not certain who did it. but when when you have tom, whot knows better than anything, as head of the nfc, it's in conceivable to me that he and his colleagues didn't know what of in chance what she would say. >> what the political implications? >> i'm thinking when i hear all this, the day of the press conference john mccain really went after obama before and after, and went after susan rice very heavily. you go back to when john kerry
5:47 pm
was a nominee for president and who was one of the first people he thought about for his running mate? john mccain. they are great friends. i'm wondering if mccain isn't sabotaging susan rice, making it impossible to nominate her and they settle for his friend john kerry? >> what else doesn't make sense is he said i knew from friday it was a terrorist attack and he said he did sign off on the revised edited final version that said it wasn't. so in other words, he deliberately per perpetuated a ? >> the real question, and doug raised it with tom, is how he was played. this investigation, the timing of his leaving, but the fact that they knew, you know what? let me just say this, neither i nor the american people, we may have been born most of us at
5:48 pm
night but we were not born last night. and at some point it started smelling. i would venture to take say it came out of the national security council. tom, the political operative, i think they put pressure on petraeus. they need to get to the bottom of it. again, the stakes are high and people should stop playing politics. its unseemly watching people play politics with this. >> gentlemen, thanks very much. doug, sean, and pat and the congressman, our campaign insiders. you can get more from the political insiders now every monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern. and they are going to be here again next sunday. you can also follow them on twitter at fninsideers. and we will be right back. with three strains of good bacteria. approved!
5:49 pm
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>> welcome back. we are headed into the holidays and that means parties and tons give food. a lot of it rich. but a new report from the centers for disease control showing the number of folks with diabetes in the united states is really beginning to soar. >> take a look at this map. by 2030 the cdc predict half the
5:53 pm
people in 39 states will be obese. obesity is one of the leading causes of diabetes. what are we to do now? let's bring in a easternist from the university of school of medicine and a contributor to the daily. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> these numbers are out of control. what do we do to get them in control? >> this is a crisis for the individual because diabetes is devastating. every organ system is involved as well as society. because the cost, the billions spent in dealing with the diseases, it's overwhelming. what do we do? look, it's not a mystery. the type 2 diabetes. the adult type of diabetes is lifestyle promoted. it's a change in eating. it's changing from away from the processed foods that we have. it's trying to reduce stress or manage stress and do some exercise. this is -- 80% of diabetes can be prevented. >> that's what is so frustrating because you can make changes. >> right. when you have type 1 diabetes, which is sort of the juvenile
5:54 pm
type, this is not a lifestyle, this is an immune disorder and unfortunately some kids get it. there are genetic factors. but type 2, 80 or 90% of diabetes in this country is lifestyle generated. it's the foods, when we eat, how we eat, stress and no exercise. >> are we more schedule enterers because of the computer age and the internet? we sit in front of the computers all day long. a lot fewer workers are blue-collar workers, more white color workers? >> certainly we exspend much less energy. we have to look, obesity is the driver for this diabetes, okay? but it's not the only driver. and i think that the fact people are living longer so you can measure it more, a criteria is different, the measurements are different so there are other factors but no doubt diabetes is a main issue. when we gain troll of obesity we will gain control of many other diseases. that's the driver. we have to do something about it. >> the trends we looked at to
5:55 pm
prepare for the segment also showed some areas of the country affected more so than others. >> the south for certain. and on the other hand states like alaska, they are doing okay. but the south, big, big problem. >> we've improved our ability to detect and diagnose. to some stephen that's a factor? >> absolutely. we can measure it so we can label you as being either diabetes or prediabetes. and it's important to realize it's not one meal, it's a cumulative effect which causes what we call insulin resistance. it's an easy disease ting doug but it's tough to get people to make the changes that will make pa huge difference. >> otherwise we will pay in the long run. >> we will go broke from a medical point of view. no care will be sufficient to pay for all the diabetes and the diseases associated it. we need to prevent this from happening. >> but there have been changes in population that contribute to that. >> totally.
5:56 pm
african americans, hispanics, they have a higher predisposition because maybe generaletcally they have an increased predisposition but it's still lifestyle. it's still fast foods, processed foods. it's a lot lot of carbs. be careful. >> thank you. >> that does it for us. fox news with chris wallace is coming up next. >> you definitely deterred my turkey day appetite with that segment. but we hope you have a great thanksgiving week, everybody. we will see you here again next saturday and sunday. fox news sunday with chris wallace is come up right now. >> have a great thanksgiving! having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier.
5:57 pm
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